Affordable document management from € 4 per user per month!

Docubird's add-ins consist of two separate add-ins, one for Outlook and one for Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). The add-ins are easy and quick to install. The price you pay depends on the number of users. For organisations with more than 100 users, we will be happy to make you a tailor-made offer.

Modern document management

Professionalise your document management and help your users manage documents quickly, easily and securely.


Make it easy for your users to store documents and emails in SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive directly from Outlook, Word, Excel or PowerPoint.


Give users access to all their accessible storage locations from Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. With efficient search functionality, they can easily find the documents they need on SharePoint, Teams or OneDrive.


Users can easily share documents found in SharePoint and Teams with their colleagues without leaving Outlook. This can be done by sharing a Teams site or SharePoint link or by attaching the document directly to an email.


Allow users to add metadata and labels when saving documents and e-mails. Think of a customer name or number, return date or type of document. And also the information sensitivity, such as employee data. This classifies files based on these properties. Then the advanced search functionality helps you find your documents quickly, wherever they are.


Make it as easy as possible for users to store documents securely in the right way and location. Make privacy labels available. Users get a 'tip' the moment PII data is found. This works for Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint and is triggered when creating, saving, editing and sharing. Make it possible to add privacy labels also to images and Pdf's.

Data hygiene

Keep your data clean. To ensure that users enter the same names in the metadata, we link Docubird to your backend or ERP system, for example CRM-Dynamics or Exact Software. In this way you get fields where users don't fill in the data themselves but can simply look up the right data from the CRM. In this way you prevent data pollution.

Are you also ready for modern document management?