Why we do what we do

Employees constantly searching for documents that are stored everywhere and nowhere. It costs a lot of time and that is a shame and unnecessary. Document management can be much more efficient and easier and that's what Docubird does. But where does the urge to do that come from? Director Christiaan Ferreira explains. "It gives enormous pleasure to translate the business requirements of companies and organisations into technology. That gives us energy every day. Companies often call us to say they have a challenge. How am I going to get all the documents into the cloud? How can I distribute documents more efficiently in the organisation? How do I get more insight into my data and how can I secure it? We have or are creating a solution for all these questions, and that is a wonderful thing to do." Because in an organisation with hundreds or even thousands of employees, how do you keep an overview of all kinds of documents? And how do you communicate changes made to a document?


The numbers of users of Outlook or SharePoint, for example, are enormous. Some users already find it difficult to find their own documents in SharePoint. Large companies have users. As a user, how do you know which environment you need to be in to find a particular document? And then there are many users who store files in their mailbox. But someone else cannot search those mailboxes. Finding a document then becomes looking for a needle in a haystack. Docubird groups all the locations and shows only what is important to you. In this way you can focus on what is really relevant. Efficiency goes up and with it productivity. Docubird is about finding, not searching. Within one or two clicks you find what you are looking for and sharing or collaborating becomes very easy. Take a look at our site to see how easy Docubird works. We use it ourselves and that is direct proof that Docubird also works very efficiently for smaller organizations.

Creating solutions

That was the what and how in a nutshell. The why behind it is just as important. We take great pleasure in creating solutions. We are technicians, certainly, but we always see the person behind the computer and the person behind the customer. We do this not only with Docubird, by the way. We are 'Solutions Architects', we like to create solutions. For us it is important to always see the person. We appreciate personal contact and like to go the extra mile. Because our solution is your solution and vice versa. That is what we stand for and that is what we go for. Docubird helps companies and organizations further and that is great for us to experience.


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